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WNBA/NBA: Triple Threat Podcast Talks Russell Westbrook, Grizzlies


Russell Westbrook had 18 points, 11 rebounds, seven assists and three steals in a Los Angeles Lakers win over the Orlando Magic on Friday. He was 8-of-17 out of the field. However, in three games from Jan. 7-12, he shot a combined 8 of 40 from the field and opened the door to the Bonnet Gang (Trisity Miller, Juanita Anderson and Chauny Powell) to talk about his struggles.

In this episode of the Triple Threat podcast entitled You Ain’t Got the Answers, Man, the crew analyzes the situation surrounding Russell Westbrook. Powell, a big Westbrook supporter, suggests maybe people are being too hard on him. She also predicts he will succeed, which he did on Friday.

Hear Miller talk about “The Russell Westbrook Experience” and whether Russ still needs to be at that level for the Lakers to win. Hear Powell address the fact that he had to play “like six different roles.” Additionally, Anderson points out that Russ isn’t the only problem.

Would Buddy Hield or Ben Simmons have been a better fit in LA than Russ? That too is being discussed.

Also, Memphis won 11 straight games from December 26 to January 13. Hear Miller talk about her grizzlies.

Is Jayson Tatum overrated or someone who could one day be the ‘perfect wing’? And a few controversies that need addressing: Kyrie Irving/Nassir Little and Devin Booker tell the Toronto Raptor to move.

After the NBA talk, the gang find themselves in the free hands of the WNBA, discussing gutting Kahleah Copper and how the Aces need to build around A’ja Wilson and not anyone else.

Later there are more serious discussions about the mistreatment of black coaches in the NFL, COVID, inflation and the minimum wage (there is no unskilled labor!).

But to keep things light, there are a few “And just like that” and Chipotle thoughts.

You can listen to the whole episode below:


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