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‘We’ve got free reign in college football’: Huskers ride the QB carousel, part of the sport’s new reality | recruitment


If that version of the Nebraska-Oklahoma home-and-home had happened in 1971 — or, heck, maybe 2011 — it’s possible that Martinez and Rattler, both of whom were still eligible to play and both didn’t see themselves as no- doubts about the Top picks of the NFL draft, would have contested again in Round 2.

Instead, Martinez is in Kansas State and Rattler is in South Carolina. Nebraska recruited Brennan and Slovis but eventually happily landed on Thompson as their veteran signal caller for 2022. Oklahoma benched Rattler for freshman Caleb Williams during the season, only to see Rattler make the switch, head coach Lincoln Riley raced for USC and then also Williams transfer.

The same day Williams came onto the portal, the new OU coaching staff expelled Gabriel from UCLA, where he had just signed up and was due to start classes.

From USC, Slovis singled out Pittsburgh over Nebraska and others, leaving Dart as the heir apparent of the job until Williams entered the portal. Williams didn’t even announce his signing on Saturday afternoon but his relationship with Riley was likely one of the factors that led to Dart entering the transfer portal last week.

Now the tug of war between Nebraska and the Sooners is for Purdy, a young quarterback who probably knows he won’t be stepping into an entry-level job right away. He was visiting Oklahoma with his family midweek, is in Lincoln this weekend and could be in class as a second transfer quarterback at both schools by Tuesday. The Sooners are also on the hunt for Dart, who may just end up swapping places with Williams.


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