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Ty Buttrey wants to continue his MLB career


After retiring from baseball last April, the former Angels was right-handed Ty buttrey said during a Twitter Spaces conversation tonight that he wants to play again (hat tip to Jeff Fletcher of the Southern California News Group). Buttrey has been on the Angels’ blacklist for over nine months.

Buttrey was a fourth-round election for the Red Sox in the 2012 draft and was given to Anaheim as part of trade in July 2018 Ian Kinsler to Boston. The deal led Buttrey to make his big league debut, and he made his debut on the LA Bullpen in 2018-19, recording an ERA of 3.86 and a strikeout rate in 88 2/3 innings of those two seasons of 27.4%.

However, the strikeouts dropped to just 16.1% in 2020 when Buttrey battled over 26 1/3 frames to 5.81 ERA. The reduced K% was just one of several sub-par statcast metrics in Buttrey’s record, although he was far from the only player struggling in the unusual circumstances of the shortened 2020 season. The Halos expected Buttrey to bounce back last year, but instead the 28-year-old wanted to get out of the hustle and bustle of big league life.

“I couldn’t help but notice that my love and passion for this game had waned,” Buttrey said on an Instagram post about his decision. It was enough for Buttrey to just become a professional ball player who said, “I’ve completely lost the drive to continue doing something I didn’t love because, in my opinion, I’ve already done it. It has never been my dream to make the Hall of Fame, win a World Series, or become an All-Star. In my head I achieved what I wanted, to prove people wrong and to achieve something extremely difficult. “

Angels manager Joe Maddon told’s Rhett Bollinger and other reporters last spring that Buttrey informed the team of his decision before the team selected the minor’s legal claim at the end of spring training. After Maddon’s statements of support, the door appears to be open for Buttrey to return to the Angels once the lockout is over, and the team could see him at camp before deciding on the next step.


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