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This is where the first COVID-19 testing machine in NJ is located


While you may be thinking the pandemic is coming to an end, there are still people in your life who believe they won’t be safe with you unless you’ve been tested. And while the reliability of COVID-19 home tests has been questioned by so many, there are those who swear by their effectiveness.

So COVID-19 home self-tests are here to stay. With all the hype and hysteria surrounding COVID testing, you’ve seen everyone from supermarkets to 7-Eleven stocking up on these COVID tests and making fortunes off them.

It was only a matter of time before someone figured out how to make big bucks with the latest fad in this country: testing ourselves in frenzy. Well, one company found a way to get really fat through the COVID-19 paranoia. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the first COVID-19 test machine is right next to the Redbox DVD machines.

The genius behind six new COVID-19 test kit vending machines that will soon be available across the country is iBrands. The company has announced its first machine, which is now operational in North Brunswick at the FindTape Store on Route 1 South. The machines are contactless, use QR codes and also accept Apple Pay or credit cards.

Like many of today’s apps, you can pre-purchase and collect directly from the machine and receive either a box of two tests or a box of one test: then just shoot a copy of your receipt to your insurance company and you’ll be reimbursed.

Although the tests are slightly more expensive than those found at your local CVS, the practicality and convenience will be worth the starting price of $29.99 for many people. Boy, do I wish I’d thought of that first.

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