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The Trenton Police Department begins state-mandated de-escalation and active spectator training


News 12 employees

10/12/2021, 10:50

Updated on: 10/12/2021, 12:07 PM

Trenton Police Department officials have begun state-mandated de-escalation and active spectator training at Mercer County Community College.

All civil servants must participate in the programs.

Officials are required to undergo training from the New Jersey Attorney General under the state’s new use of force policy.

One of the training programs is Integrating Communications, Assessment, and Tactics (ICAT). ICAT is a training guide for disseminating critical incidents.

The second training program is the Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement (ABLE). This program aims to create a law enforcement culture that supports peer intervention.

The guidelines should come into force this year.


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