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The Monmouth County Democrat, who is running for Middletown Council, has already passed convictions for serious crimes


MIDDLETOWN, NJ – Nicholas Babcock is running for a seat on Middletown Council against Republican Kimberly Kratz. Now his opponents say an earlier Arizona criminal conviction should disqualify him from running for public office.

Babcock denied the claim, saying he wasn’t.

In 2007, 14 years ago, a Nicholas Babcock was arrested in Maricopa County, Arizona, according to public records. The Arizona man had the same birthday as the New Jersey version of Babcock. His mug shot even looked like a version of the Middletown Babcock running for office.

The Middletown Democrats responded to the allegations.

“Middletown Democrats were recently made aware of allegations against Middletown Democratic candidate Nicholas Babcock, claiming he had a criminal history from decades ago in another state,” said a statement from Middletown Democratic Chairman Mike Morris. “Although Mr. Babcock vehemently denies these allegations, we have an obligation to our party and residents of Middletown Township to prove the inaccuracies of these allegations.”

Babcock, who is in Arizona who looks pretty similar to New Jersey, was ordered to pay Bank of America $ 1,296 and Qwest Communications $ 459.

The Democrats are now running their own background check on Babcock. The law, signed in 2017, prohibits serious criminals from remaining in office in the state of New Jersey. Counterfeiting is a crime in New Jersey. In Arizona, most forgery charges are Class 4 crimes. Babcock also pleaded guilty to possession of a counterfeit device.


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