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Thackeray: Center tries to defame Maharashtra with drug robbery, celebrities arrested: Uddhav | India News


MUMBAI: Maharashtra Prime Minister Uddhav Thackeray dared BJP to overthrow his government, accusing the center on Friday of defaming the state with drug shipments and the arrest of celebrities.
“At a time when companies are leaving China and Maharashtra is trying to attract them itself during the pandemic, they are trying to defame the state by running drug shipments and catching some celebrities,” he said at Shiv Sena’s annual Dussehra rally in Sion.
“They send CSR money to Gujarat, central departments give RSS and pro-BJP organizations … in the port of Mundra in Gujarat,” Thackeray said.
He commended the Mumbai Police for seizing Rs 150 crore of drugs “while they (NCB) did a big deal sniffing a few grams and taking photos with celebrities who were caught”.
Thackeray, who heads a three-party alliance that has central investigative agencies like ED and IT on its back, said states and the center have equal powers under the constitution and states do not have to bow to the center. He claimed the BJP-run center was trying to destabilize Maharashtra by using IT raids to “fix” the leaders.
Thackeray called for an end to the central government’s “interference” in day-to-day business and called for an open debate on the federal structure to sharply define relations between states within the broad framework of the constitution.
In a broadside intended to spruce up his own saffron yellow references, Thackeray said Hindutva was not threatened by anyone else, but by neo-Hindus who took advantage of the term to come to power. “You are now adopting the British policy of divide and rule in order to stay in power.”
Thackeray wanted to differentiate between the RSS worldview and the politics of the BJP and stressed that he did not criticize RSS boss Mohan Bhagwat. He said Senas Hindutva and RSS are the same.


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