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Senators Sacco and Stack are exempting NJ Turnpike residents from tolls


Senators Sacco and Stack are exempting NJ Turnpike residents from tolls

E-ZPass drivers automatically receive lower tolls after the Senators respond to attendees’ concerns

NORTH BERGEN, NJ – In response to citizen concerns over a reconfiguration of Exit 16E / 18E of the New Jersey Turnpike that resulted in residents of nearby towns paying dramatically higher tolls, U.S. state senators are giving Nicholas J. Sacco and Brian P. Stack announced an agreement with the Turnpike Authority to relieve local drivers and eliminate the additional tolls. Drivers whose vehicles are registered in North Bergen, Union City, Secaucus, Guttenberg, West New York and Fairview will now automatically receive a special discount through their E-ZPass account, which allows them to pay the original 16 E instead of the excessive one 18 E to pay the toll they recently had to pay.

“I want to thank the Turnpike Authority for being open to our concerns and for reversing this policy that created an unfair additional tax for my constituents,” said Senator Sacco. “Especially in these economically uncertain times, when inflation is driving up prices, the residents only need higher tolls for the same trips that they have been making for years. Now the residents of these nearby cities are protected and will receive this special discount shortly, with no need to register or do anything, as long as they are signed up for the E-ZPass. “

As part of the reconfiguration, a driver driving from Newark Airport (Exit 14) to Secaucus (Exit 16E) will be charged an additional $ 2 toll, increasing the total cost of the same trip by 69%. Senator Sacco credits Secaucus Mayor Mike Gonnelli for alerting him to the situation and his colleague Senator Stack for speaking out against increased tolls for residents.

“When Senator Sacco brought this issue to my attention, it was immediately clear to me that these higher tolls were an unfair burden on residents of Union City and the surrounding communities and that we had to act immediately to correct this injustice,” said Senator Stack. “Especially for professionals who can hardly make ends meet, we should always look for ways to reduce their financial burden and help them to have a better life.”

The reduced tolls for residents in the designated areas will come into effect after a review process by the Turnpike Authority is completed and the board reaches a final vote. This is expected to be the case in spring 2022.

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