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Seafrigo Group expands e-Commerce operations in New Jersey to meet demand


To cater for the increased demand for specialist chilled and frozen goods, Seafrigo Group, a specialist in temperature-controlled food logistics, has announced that it will open a new dedicated facility in New Jersey, US in 2022.

Seafrigo Group already offers a full spectrum of Food Safety Inspection Services for imports and exports into the US and it’s part of the Group’s commitment to guarantee high quality standards to its customers.

As an approved inspection center at the Port of NY/NJ it is able to partially or totally manage shipments across a range of different services including drayage from/to port or, storage (chilled, frozen and ambient), lab test requested USDA, special labelling for different foreign languages and repacking to ensure freight is secure for export onforwarding such as for e-Commerce customers.

Already operating from four facilities in the same area, the new state-of-the-art 85,000 sq foot facility will provide additional, fully automated capacity in order to cater to customer fulfilment requirements.  Seafrigo Group will also install its own Dry Ice making production plant within the facility in order to be able to maintain all frozen products at the correct temperature.

Key among the valued-added services that Seafrigo Group will provide from this fifth warehouse, dedicated to e-Fulfilment is the capacity to handle large throughput volumes of specialist food orders every week, with an extremely high level of accuracy.

Says Philip Decker, Seafrigo’s VP of Processing in the USA: “e-Commerce is a key part of our business in the Americas and the exponential growth of all types of groceries being bought on line is fuelling this expansion.

“We have built our reputation as the go-to provider for the management of the inspection, import and export of beef meat and pork products into the US.  With this new facility we can take this one step further with the e-fulfilment, handling and packing of chilled and frozen products ready for online orders.”


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