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Saku Launches at Omakase Sushi Experience in Hoboken


One of the benefits of living here in Hudson County is the incredible variety of unique cuisines available to us. From arepas to zeppoles, there are many things to enjoy while exploring the cuisine of a different culture. Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish many are familiar with — made with rice, fish, often raw, and vegetables. While there are several excellent sushi restaurants throughout the county, only a few offer the traditional Omakase experience, which is a chef-selected series of dishes. Saku, located at 936 Park Avenue in Hoboken, recently launched his own Omakase experience. Read on to learn more about this style of meal, other places that serve it, and how to reserve a seat at Saku.

(Photo credit: Saku)

About Omakase Sushi

Omakase translates to “I will leave it to you” in Japanese, and that’s exactly what this style of dining is. Diners leave it to the chefs to prepare a one-of-a-kind meal using the ingredients and cooking styles available to them. Patrons are encouraged to share any allergies or flavor preferences with the chef. Choosing this menu-free option is a great way for diners to try new things, and gives the chefs creative freedom with the ingredients, cooking methods, flavors, and presentations.

Omakase saku hoboken

(Photo credit: Saku)

As sushi became more popular, some consumers found themselves not knowing what exactly was in their sushi because of the challenge in translating some names from Japanese. Omakase solves that uncertainty, giving diners a variety recommended by the chefs for whom sushi is a second language.

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Omakase saku hoboken

(Photo credit: Saku)

During the meal, the chef will bring diners a plate of high quality and often seasonal sushi. Chefs often spin traditional favorites when making Omakase and present their creations to diners in new ways. The meal will start with lighter flavors, and then it will move through richer flavors as the night progresses. An Omakase experience is intended to be highly personalized and intimate, as the diners typically sit directly in front of the sushi counter and frequently interact with the chef throughout the meal.

Omakase saku hoboken

(Photo credit: Saku)

The chef will check in with diners throughout to see how they react to different flavors and tastes in the meal. The meal is meant to reflect the customer’s preferences in a specific, and deliberate way, which is why the omakase tasting is limited to maybe eight to ten diners per seating.

Omakase at Saku

Saku is the first restaurant in Hoboken to launch an Omakase experience, where it is available on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Reservations are required and the tasting is $65 a person. The restaurant joins Sushi By Bouthe speakeasy located within Ani Ramen in Jersey City, in Hudson County restaurants offering an Omakase experience.

Omakase saku hoboken

(Photo credit: Saku)

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At Saku, the Omakase experience starts off with an amuse-bouche, followed by six pieces of sushi, a hand roll, and finishing off with miso soup. Saku serves the soup at the end in coordination with the Japanese tradition.

About Head Chef Eddie Sensai

Master Head Sushi Chef Eddie Sensai creates a new menu each week with ingredients sourced from Japan, Spain, and other countries. Chef Eddie uses special sauces and toppings such as truffle salt, caviar, and secret Omakase sauces, along with fish like toro (the fatty part of a tuna’s belly), and unagi (freshwater eel), to make the dishes unique. Saku has a Sake menu to pair with the Omakase.

boss eddie sensai saku

(Photo credit: Saku)

Patrons can schedule an Omakase tasting with Saku here, and follow us on Instagram @thehobokengirl to see a behind-the-scenes look at Omakase at Saku.

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