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Royal Family Latest News – Queen inducted into Horse Racing Hall of Fame as Prince Andrew faces monarchy backlash


“It could be a disaster” (continued …)

Attorney Andrew B. Brettler says the prosecutor entered into a “settlement agreement” that would end her current lawsuit against the prince.

But Ms. Levin said, “That too is a dead end.

“It just won’t go away.”

She said the lawsuit hit the royal family “very badly” – and regardless of the outcome, the damage to Andrew’s reputation will be “permanent”.

“Here is the prince, Her Majesty’s second son, and he goes on and on and pretends to be above all this nonsense,” she said.

Despite a string of public relations disasters in recent years, Andrew was reportedly so confident the case was going to collapse that he was planning a return to the royal front.

A source said, “There has been a dramatic change in sentiment and the reality that this could not just take many months, if not years, and potentially cost millions of pounds, is very real.”

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