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Rohan Sippy: I hope more mainstream actors with a following take OTT seriously | web series


Film producer and director Rohan Sippy is a satisfied showrunner whose latest show Aranyak is getting good reviews and acclaim. The mystery thriller also marked actress Raveena Tandon’s web debut.

While many see the star system seeping into OTT after movies, the filmmaker feels it’s only for good.

“Having a star like Raveena on this medium was a positive thing. It’s so mainstream that after we transported it and cast it into a new image, a lot of people got curious and the show’s reach grew. I hope more actors with a following will take a serious look at OTT,” says Sippy.

The only thing that he felt played in the series’ favor was the lack of nudity or profanity, which he says is used in shows on OTT to grab eyeballs.

The 42-year-old, who has starred in films like Bluffmaster! and Dum Maaro Dum says, “A lot of people think OTT content can be vulgar, so a lot of people enjoy the show (Aranyak) because we don’t have those things in it. Sex is limited and violence is carefully managed. For this reason, families can see it with parents, which they otherwise would not have liked. People from Korea and Argentina, and not just Indians, enjoy (the show).

Sippy also hopes that in the future more creators will realize that using unnecessary elements shouldn’t be a priority, rather than appealing to a larger audience.

“They (the audience) don’t like content that is too graphic, violent or sexual. There is always room for offbeat content, but right now in India 90 percent of content is offbeat and not mainstream. In the United States of America it’s the complete opposite, content is mostly family oriented. I hope that’s the biggest realization we get,” Sippy concludes.


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