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America’s cities are among the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, and they may very well be among the frontrunners in the recovery ahead.

Our second annual virtual conversation series “American Cities Rebuilding” begins on Monday with the first of five days of online discussions and interviews about the past two years of our cities and the future that awaits them.

Led by the WNET Group and PBS partners in New Jersey, Seattle, Houston and Chicago, we will bring in mayors, community leaders, executives and experts from cities from Newark to San Francisco. Each day from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. EST, the series focuses on the problems and challenges our urban centers face and ways to address them.

Here you can register.

To the highlights:

Monday October 18th

Making cities work: leadership in a crisis

  • The mayor’s table
  • Public and private partnerships: Mayors and CEOs work together

Urban economy: how and when will business recover?

  • New business plans in American cities
  • Citywide Strategies: The National Image
  • Film: “RUST”, a documentary about inner-city poverty

Tuesday October 19th

Education: a new way to school?

  • Who decides: The teachers’ unions have the say
  • The digital divide: what have we learned?

Criminal and Social Justice: Have We Changed?

  • The main thing: Police chiefs on the front line
  • Newark Turnaround Strategy: Road Teams
  • Video: “Policing the Poor”, a stationery special from Chicago

Wednesday October 20th

Equal Healthcare Opportunities: Reaching All Our Neighborhoods

  • Interview: Kathleen Sebelius, former US Secretary of Health
  • The city’s health departments take the lead
  • Talk to US Senator Cory Booker about urban agriculture, food and food deserts

Cities of the future: not just technology

  • New Orleans: Resilience Case Study
  • Social resilience in shaping the future

Thursday October 21

Climate change: cities in the crosshairs

  • Barriers and Bulkheads: Strategies for Survival
  • Energy managers discuss clean energy goals: do the math fit?

Immigration: the lifeline of cities

  • Five minutes with former President George W. Bush
  • Interview with Tyler Morgan, Senior White House Advisor on Migration
  • Immigration across borders
  • Schools as a safe haven: Refugees help refugees

Friday October 22nd

Housing and gentrification

  • Keynote: Julian Castro
  • Shaping the future: developer’s perspective

Art and culture: night (back) on the city

  • Tribeca Film Festival and NYC’s Last Walk to Recovery
  • Art reopened and awakened
  • Restaurants are feeding the comeback


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