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Queen Elizabeth May Not Have the Most Popular Diet Among the Royal Family — But Her Daily Menu Is Still Fit For a Queen



  • Queen Elizabeth has the third highest search rate when it comes to her daily diet according Barbend.
  • Her Majesty enjoys four meals a day, including afternoon tea.
  • Former Palace boss Darren McGrady also shares that Queen Elizabeth is a “chocoholic.”

Queen Elizabeth II | Toby Melville -Pool/Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth is number three on the list of most popular royal diets, new research has revealed. An analysis of Google searches for the diets of royal family members shows that the queen’s eating habits weren’t the most popular. But Her Majesty’s daily menu is still fit for a queen.

Thousands of royal fans want to know what Queen Elizabeth has on her menu

New research from exercise and nutrition experts Barbend has found that the most popular royal diet belongs to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. She received four times more Google searches than Meghan Markle, who was number two on the list. And nearly seven times more than Queen Elizabeth at number three.

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<p>The numbers showed that Her Majesty’s meal choices received an average of 700 searches per month across the globe, or 8,400 searches per year.  Rounding out the top five were the eating habits of the late Princess Diana and Grace Kelly.</p>
<h2>Her Majesty enjoys four meals per day</h2>
<p>At the age of 95, Queen Elizabeth stays healthy and fit with a diet focused on moderation.  She reportedly eats four light meals per day and adds daily exercise via walking the palace gardens and riding horses.</p>
<p>With a kitchen full of expert chefs that will make anything she wants on demand, the queen still keeps things simple at breakfast.  She enjoys whole grain cereals, like a bowl of Special K to keep energy levels high and brain function healthy.  The queen has also been known to enjoy scrambled eggs in the morning with smoked salmon.  Along with a cup of Darjeeling, Assam, or Earl Gray tea.</p>
<h2>Queen Elizabeth prefers a low carb lunch</h2>
<p>The next light meal is lunch, where the queen almost always opts for a low-carb option.  Some of her favorites are grilled fish or chicken with a salad and a side of veggies.  Queen Elizabeth often dines alone at lunch, and she makes it a point to avoid eating starchy and heavy foods.</p>
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Avoiding carbs keeps the queen awake and ready for her numerous royal commitments throughout the day. And helps her avoid an afternoon crash.

Afternoon tea is a must at the palace

The “extra” meal in the queen’s daily diet is afternoon tea, which is a staple of life in the British aristocracy. Her Majesty prefers Assam tea in the afternoon served with scones. However, according to former royal chef Darren McGrady, the queen never ate the scones. Instead, she crumbles them up on the floor for her beloved Corgi dogs to enjoy.

Queen Elizabeth prefers finger sandwiches — with a rounded shape and no crust — to eat with her afternoon tea. She enjoys sandwiches filled with cucumber, eggs, and smoked salmon.

She’s also been known to ask for “jam pennies,” which are small raspberry jam sandwiches cut in circles the size of an old English penny. This is a snack that the queen and her younger sister Princess Margaret reportedly enjoyed when they were children.

Queen Elizabeth sometimes enjoys a decadent dessert

At dinner time, Her Majesty enjoys her richest meal. Which sometimes features Gleneagles pate — smoked salmon, trout, and mackerel. Other common menu items at dinnertime include steak with a mushroom whiskey sauce or halibut with Mornay sauce.

For dessert, Queen Elizabeth usually keeps it simple and healthy. Like eating strawberries grown on the grounds of Balmoral. But sometimes, Her Majesty does enjoy a decadent dessert. McGrady says the queen is “an absolute chocoholic.” Two of her favorite desserts are chocolate perfection pie and chocolate biscuit cake.

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Apparently, the chocolate biscuit cake is so good, Prince William requested the dessert at his wedding to Kate Middleton.


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