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Political Briefings: Chris Brown Now DCA Point Man in Atlantic City | local news


“It’s all part of the progression and growth of the position,” Brown said of his $150,000 regular job.

Party change in Buena Vista

Longtime Buena Vista community committee member John Williams has left the Democratic Party and is seeking re-election as a Republican, the local Republican League announced last week.

Williams has lived in Buena Vista Township since 1977 and has served on the Buena Vista Township Committee for the past nine years, the Buena Vista Township Republican Committee said in a release.

“Today’s Democratic Party does not correspond at all to my views. I want to be a part of the new day here in Buena Vista Township,” Williams said in a press release. He praised Republican Mayor Bill Ruggieri, Deputy Mayor Ellen Testa and Committee Chair Aaron Krenzer.

The community has long been run by Democrats but is now Republican-dominated.

“I’m also proud to have the opportunity to run for re-election with Conservative Congressman Jeff Van Drew from New Jersey,” Williams said.

Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Michael Suleiman expressed skepticism about William’s reasoning.

“It amazes me that John actually wrote that he was changing parties just so he could remain in elected office,” Suleiman wrote in an email reply to William’s announcement. “If a jury ever found John Williams guilty of being a smart man, they would convict an innocent man.”


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