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Palm Beach, long a home for characters, is reopening a classic theater


The new rush on Palm Beach is well documented. Young families, hedge financiers, and art galleries have rushed straight into the city of Tony Florida in recent years to take advantage of the myriad charms of the historic destination – and they’re not the only ones finding new life on the island.

In 2023, nearly 20 years after it closed, the iconic Palm Beach Playhouse in the Royal Poinciana Plaza will reopen, bringing an intimate space for the performing arts, film, educational projects, and live events to Palm Beach – and, crucially, the only one public Eating on the island’s waterfront.

A representation of the Palm Beach Playhouse, slated to reopen in 2023 at Royal Poinciana Plaza.


“In the 1960s and 70s, the Playhouse was the go-to place for all types of theater and performing arts,” recalls Lori Berg, General Manager of the Royal Poinciana Plaza. “I remember seeing Lorna Luft 20 years ago, which was one of the last events that took place there and it was fascinating.”

When the listed building, which in its heyday housed artists such as Burt Reynolds, Jackie Gleeson, Bing Crosby and Bob Hope for performances and celebrations, reopens, it will house a theater and restaurant in addition to retail stores. And while the historic exterior of the building remains untouched, the interior is being modernized to make it a comfortable, contemporary space for artists and audiences alike.

Playhouse on the palm beach

Zsa Zsa Gabor cuts cake with Frank Hale, President of the Playhouse, and Jane Volk in the Celebrity Room of the Palm Beach Playhouse.

Palm Beach Conservation Foundation

“Everyone in Palm Beach loves art,” says Berg. “We opened six art galleries this season alone, and each season we have 190 charity events, many of which are art-focused. We have a lot of people from the entertainment industry here and you will see the playhouse explode because of the support that the community will give. “

Details of the restaurant and retail partners for the project (which is being carried out in partnership with Avie Glazers Innovate Corp.) are yet to be announced, but Berg is confident that if they are – “You will be amazed,” she says – You will help solidify the Playhouse as Palm Beach’s next destination.

“After the renovation and redesign of the Royal Poinciana Plaza, this was the next logical step,” she says. “The playhouse has been closed for two decades. When we open these doors again, it will be magical and historic. Everyone here will invest in our success. “

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