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Online sports betting is legal in New York: what you need to know


Now that online sports betting is legal and operational in New York State, it’s easy to place bets on sporting events once you’ve signed up. Also, it can add extra excitement to your viewing experience.

To get started you can sign up with one of the promotional offers below or our summary here. Then, for security reasons, go through a short “Know Your Customer” registration process and then make an initial deposit using a debit card or bank account connection. Once you have completed these first steps, you can bet.

What can’t I bet on in New York?

Here in New York you can bet on almost every sporting event. Sportsbook offers thousands of betting opportunities every day on more than 100 different sports and leagues.

However, one of the exceptions in New York is that you cannot bet on state college teams like Syracuse University. This applies to both home and away games. However, you can bet on college teams from out of state schools.

Betting on in-state college events is prohibited, meaning that some college football bowl games and college basketball tournament games hosted in New York are not available for wagering.

Sports Betting Basics

When you start betting on sports, arguably the most important part to learn first is what different types of bets are available and what each of them means. The most popular standard types are money line bets, point spread bets and game total (aka over/under).

Money line betting involves predicting which team will win the game. The amount of victory does not matter. For money line bets, one team is generally the underdog, indicated by a plus sign (+) next to their odds (eg: +250); and the other team will be the favorite, denoted by a minus sign (-) next to theirs (e.g.: -300). These odds or prices can most easily be viewed as relative to $100, where minus odds like -300 mean you would have to risk $300 to win $100, while plus odds like +250 mean a $100 bet would win /Win $250.

Of course, you don’t want to bet hundreds of dollars to start, so you can just truncate a zero or slide it over the decimal point to get the same effect. If odds of +250 indicate a bet of $100 would win $250, it could also be a bet of $10 to win $25 or a bet of $1 to win $2.50. Feel free to start small, especially once you get the hang of the basics.

Point spread bets involve a handicap, which represents how much the favorite is likely to win or how close the underdog will hold the game. Let’s imagine there’s a Bills vs. Jets game. If the Bills are -6 on the point spread, that means they are a six-point favorite. They take their bottom line and subtract six, hence the minus-6 terminology. So with Bills -6 you must win by 7 or more for your bet to be cleared. If you win by exactly 6, that’s called a push and you get your risked bet back. However, if the tickets win by less than 6 points or lose the game, you would lose the bet.

A total (also called over/under) bet is a bet that there will be more or less than a specified number of total points, runs or goals in the match. Imagine the total is set at 8.5 for a baseball game between the Yankees and the Nationals. If 9 or more combined runs are scored in this game, the over wins. If 8 or fewer runs are scored, the underpayer concedes.

There are also many other fun options including player props, futures bets and parlays. In player prop betting, you are typically betting on the performance of a single player. For example, you can bet on Julius Randle to score more than 25 points in a game. Futures betting allows you to bet on outcomes well in advance, such as B. Pick a team to win the World Series or Super Bowl before the season begins and enjoy the excitement all year long. Parlays involve combining multiple bets for a larger payout, but you must win each leg (single bet in it) for the entire parlay to cash.

For more information, see the free Pickswise Sports Betting Guide.


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