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One of the Most Delicious Bakeries in America is Right Here in NJ


Is there a better aroma then the smell of a delicious bakery? When you walk into a good bakery you just sense the time and effort and deliciousness of the food. To me it always seems to be warm as well. Yes its always a cozy temp in a good bakery, is that mainly the oven baking something delicious? Or is it all in our head that fresh bread, cookies and pies mean warmth? Something to ponder.

That leads to the next topic and that’s the “favorites”. What do YOU ​​love best when you go to a local bakery? Are you a bread person? Do you think holiday’s and special event baking? Do you go for the items that are just too tough to cook at home? What’s your favorite? I really can’t put my finger on it, guess it depends on what your needing. Maybe with St. Patrick’s Day upcoming we need a good soda bread? Stefan Hiienurm Stefan Hiienurm

Whatever the baking need, we all agree we have fantastic bakeries here in the Garden State, but one has been named as the BEST in New Jersey.

Mashed has named a bakery in Bergen County as the best. Balthazar Bakery in Englewood was selected as Jersey’s Best. One reviewer commented “you can smell the butter before you get in the door.” That just sounds delicious, right. Kind of what we were saying earlier. Kirsten Drew Kirsten Drew

Have you ever been to Balthazar Bakery? One of the BEST bakeries in America and fortunately for us its right here in New Jersey. road trip?

If you have been to Balthazar Bakery in Englewood share your review and your delicious recommendations? 🙂

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