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NJ Dems urge the GOP to stop undermining the redistribution process


NJ Dems urge the GOP to stop undermining the redistribution process

TRENTON, NJ – The New Jersey State Democratic Committee urges the state Republicans to halt their campaign to undermine the Congressional Redistribution process by seeking to protect the integrity of former Supreme Court Justice and Redistribution Chairman John Wallace, to contest. NJDSC spokesman Phil Swibinski released the following statement today:

“It is disappointing, but not surprising, that Republicans are trying to undermine and discredit the work of the Congressional Redistricting Commission by attacking Chairman John Wallace, whose integrity and public service are absolutely indisputable before our courts, in person. New Jersey Republicans are always eager to follow the Trump Playbook: if they lose, they attack the process with baseless conspiracy theories and attacks on our fundamental institutions of democracy. It is significant that Republicans waited until their card was not selected to raise alleged procedural concerns. Judge Wallace was selected as an independent member by the Supreme Court last August, and the Republicans agreed and participated – without objection – in the work of the reallocation commission, without criticizing the process or any commissioner. Now that they have lost, they have resorted to personal attacks on one of the most respected lawyers in the state with unsubstantiated claims and false testimony to support their conspiratorial ideas. “

“The truth is, New Jersey’s bipartisan redistribution process delivered a fair card that met all constitutional and legal standards. Judge Wallace fulfilled his role as a tied member of the commission with honors, and he and his team worked hard to ensure that the new map of Congress improves minority representation and accurately reflects the partisan and demographic makeup of our state. Instead, instead of considering the entirety of Justice Wallace’s utterances, Republicans are lurking for a single sentence that does not fully reflect the work that went into getting this map, while being dishonest to the courts and New Jersey residents is.”

“On the anniversary of the US Capitol Rising, directly caused by Republicans accepting Trump’s lies about the 2020 election, it is particularly embarrassing that Republicans attacked this constitutional process today. It is time the New Jersey GOP stopped undermining democracy by fueling conspiracy theories about our government institutions and personal attacks on those who serve. “

“All New Jersey residents should be proud of the fair and representative card presented by the Democrats and approved by the Redistricting Commission. The NJ GOP’s attempt to attack the process it agreed to after defeat only shows how desperate their party is to appeal to their radical base. We hope that more sensible views will prevail in the Republican Party as personal attacks on the commissioners will not change the fair and representative Congressional districts for New Jersey selected for the next decade. “

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