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Night photos of the New Jersey Boardwalk


There is no child in the world who will ever say no to the question “do you want to go to the arcade”? And how lucky we are to have a place like Jenkinson’s in our garden that we can use even in the dead of winter with an impending snowstorm.

We had the chance last week to take our grandson Jonathan to the arcade after his pre-K day and of course he was overjoyed with the midweek surprise.

And when we couldn’t pull it off a video game to go to the Sweet Shop for some goodies, I thought I’d better do it myself before the store closes for the night.

I left the arcade and took the quick stroll down the boardwalk and suddenly I just stopped. It was dusk and I was the only person on the promenade.

We were all there on a hot summer day with people standing shoulder to shoulder across the boardwalk and the only thing you can hear over the laughter and the dull roar of the happy chatter, the music and the roar of the fairground rides and the spinning of the Games. It is a wonderful sound that all of our childhoods are built around.

But a few nights ago there was no roar from the rides or laughter in the midst of the crowd. It was just a winter evening sky, the soft lights of the seasonal shops and the activities of the two open attractions that I was walking between, and it was a moment of peaceful beauty.

It’s amazing how many different kinds of happiness a place like Jenks can bring us. And that’s another reason my love affair with the Jersey Shore just keeps growing.

I thought I’d try to capture the moment with a few photos for you guys. I hope I succeeded to some extent. Enjoy.

Beautiful Jersey Coast Attractions – Jenkinsons In The Winter Twilight

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