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NFL coaching layoffs, reactions, hire updates: Giants fire Joe Judge, what the Broncos are looking for and more


The Broncos will interview a number of candidates who will also apply for other positions, including Cowboys Defensive Coordinator Dan Quinn, who has already been interviewed by four teams, including the Broncos. (Quinn already declined a request to interview the Jaguars.) The same goes for Dallas Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore, who is expected to interview the Dolphins, among others.

So what do the Broncos have to offer a candidate that other franchises don’t when their top candidate has options? It starts with General Manager George Paton, who was quick to receive praise for his work repairing Denver’s squad and for his willingness to provide his head coach with the resources necessary to carry out his game plan. Fangio said more than once this season that Paton was “one of the Broncos’ best assets”. The cynical view would say that a coach would simply try to grease a boss who decides his fate, but that would not be Fangio’s style.

The Broncos also have around $ 43 million in available cap space, according to Over The Cap, the third among teams with potential openings. (Paton said Sunday that number is actually closer to $ 50 million.) Denver also has 11 picks in the 2022 draft, including five in the top 100, that could help the Broncos find a way to earn a senior quarterback to find one should appear on the trading market. The Broncos were in the playoff competition in December. A new head coach clearly wouldn’t be staring at a complete makeover. If the Broncos get their quarterback search right, this could be an instant win situation.

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