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New Jersey has been ranked as the worst state to retire for the second year in a row, according to a survey by WalletHub


When it comes to retirement, New Jersey may not be the best place for seniors to spend their golden years, according to a survey.

New Jersey was ranked as the worst state to retire for the second year in a row by WalletHub in its Best States to Retire rankings for 2022 released Monday.

The personal finance website surveyed all 50 states based on each state’s quality of life, affordability, and healthcare. Each factor was evaluated against nearly four dozen metrics to determine retirement sustainability.

Each metric was rated on a 100-point scale, with 100 being considered the best for retirement. Each state’s weighted average across all metrics was then calculated to determine its overall score.

New Jersey received the lowest ranking on the publication’s annual list with an overall score of 40.27. The state was ranked 49th in terms of affordability, behind only New York in that category. Although New Jersey has one of the five lowest property crime rates in the country, New Jersey ranks 28th for health care and 34th for quality of life.

Below are the 10 worst states for retirement and their corresponding scores, according to WalletHub.

50. New Jersey, 40.27
49. Mississippi, 41.17
48. New York, 42.47
47. Kentucky, 42.49
46. ​​Oklahoma, 43.97
45. Illinois, 44.27
44. Rhode Island, 44.35
43. Arkansas, 44.43
42. West Virginia, 45.63
41.Louisiana, 03/46

Pennsylvania ranked #21 in this year’s rankings with an overall score of 50.15, jumping up from #32 on the publication’s 2021 list. The state was ranked 4th for quality of life, 25th for healthcare, and 37th for affordability. Pennsylvania was also ranked as one of the top five worst states for taxpayers.

Florida was named the best state for retirement with an overall score of 59.41 and received the top five marks for affordability and quality of life. Delaware placed 4th with a total score of 56.34. The state was ranked #2 for taxpayers, #6 for affordability, and #15 for healthcare.

Below are the top 10 states to retire in and their corresponding scores, according to WalletHub.

1.Florida, 59.41
2.Virginia, 59.32
3. Colorado, 59.27
4. Delaware, 56.34
5.Minnesota, 55.85
6. North Dakota, 54.51
7. Montana, 54.44
8. Utah, 54.23
9. Arizona, 54.17
9. New Hampshire, 54.17

WalletHub ranked New Jersey as the 10th best state for starting a family earlier this year, giving it the highest ranking for education and child care in the nation for the second straight year. Pennsylvania was ranked No. 21 for families, up two spots from last year.

Last year, WalletHub named New Jersey the best state to live in. New Jersey received high marks for safety, quality of life, and education and health. But the government fared poorly on financial stability and the economy. Pennsylvania came 10th in this ranking, scoring high for quality of life and safety.


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