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Business signs sit along the intersection of Miltonsburg-Calais Road and Monroe County Road 145 in Miltonsburg.

WOODSFIELD — A local business owner is hoping to gain permission to install a sign along Miltonsburg-Calais Road to help motorists locate a number of businesses in that area.

Shadow Lake RV Park & Campground owner Lynn Parker met with the Monroe County Board of Commissioners last week in hopes of obtaining permission from the county to install a business directional sign that contains the names of multiple area businesses at the intersection of Miltonsburg-Calais Road and Monroe County Road 145 near Miltonsburg. Parker said the sign would also indicate the direction where each business is located.

“There’s a lot of different businesses along Miltonsburg-Calais Road here, and we think it will promote tourism as well. We just think it’s going to help everybody overall,” he said, adding that he has spoken with a few local business owners who agree with the idea for a single sign.

Parker said the signage he has in mind will be similar to one located at the Hannibal Industrial Park.

Currently on the small plot of land, there are a number of yard signs placed by the area businesses.

“Basically we’re going to take all those little signs that everyone has stuck in the ground there. I’ve already talked to several of the businesses and they’re all for it. We’ll build a big menu looking board that will say, ‘St. Joseph’s Church is that direction, Kahrig Bison Ranch, Shadow Lake Campground’ and so forth. We’ll do it all uniformed where it looks professional,” he said. “… We want to keep the roadways nice, neat and clean because that’s the look we want. We want to make sure that corner, that intersection, is safe; that’s why we’re working with the county on this, and we want to promote the area businesses. The taxes that it will help generate will help all of us.”

Additionally, Parker said he would like to install another sign on the same roadway at the opposite end near Malaga.

“If I’m successful here, I’m going to put up two signs – there will be a sign if you’re coming from Miltonsburg and going toward Malaga and if you’re coming from Malaga to Miltonsburg, there will be a sign there,” he said.

Parker said the campground will assume the responsibilities of cleaning up the land and maintaining it at no cost to the county.

After a little research on behalf of the commissioners, it was discovered the plot of land is not owned by the county but is privately owned. Since Tuesday’s meeting with the board, Parker has retrieved a phone number for the property owner and plans to contact them in the near future to inquire about his plan. He said he will continue to work with the county to ensure any signage complies with county and state regulations.

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