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MLB reporter Rosenthal’s contract fell after critical comments


(NewsNation Now) – Veteran baseball reporter Ken Rosenthal has been called up to Major League Baseball.

If you’re a baseball fan, you probably know Rosenthal, if only for its signature bow tie. Rosenthal is widely regarded as one of the best baseball reporters in the business. He was spotted in the dugout as a senior reporter for Fox Sports during the postseason and also writes columns for The Athletic, a well-known sports website.

And until last week he was a correspondent for the MLB Network. But Rosenthal’s contract was not extended by the MLB network. The reported reason comes from the spring of 2020. In several columns for The Athletic, Rosenthal was very critical of the commissioner of Major League Baseball, Rob Manfred.

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Rosenthal believed Manfred had not been able to sign an employment contract with the players in order to become active again for a season shortened by COVID-19. In a particularly pointed article for The Athletic, he wrote: “For a guy who’s suddenly looking for peace at work, Manfred sure has a funny way of showing it. He and the owners, supposed stewards of the game, are turning the national pastime into a national punch line and threatening to take their ball and go home while the country struggles with medical, economic and social problems. ”

Rosenthal was suspended for three months shortly after his articles were published. He returned to the network in the fall of 2020. However, his contract expired last week on December 31st and was not renewed.

The New York Post reported that these articles were causing this.

It’s a particularly difficult time for Major League Baseball. The league has locked their players out as the two sides are far apart on a long-term employment contract. The stalemate threatens to end the sport through spring training and maybe even the regular season and beyond, with potentially billions of dollars at stake.

According to Andrew Marchand, the New York Post sports media writer who published the story, the Rosenthal scenario is somewhat predictable.

MLB Network and, according to Marchand, have won top names like Rosenthal, Bob Costas, Jon Heyman, Joel Sherman and Tom Verducci. The reason? Credibility. But now that this top talent is receiving a Major League Baseball paycheck, that credibility can come under pressure.

“I think anyone who is okay with MLB Network, if you work for another publication or are an established journalist … know that this is not exactly a perfect arrangement since MLB Network is owned by baseball,” Marchand said on “Dan Abrams Live.” “Basically, you work for the people you cover up. So you will always have this problem. “

Marchand said that the honesty and credibility of the people drawn in by organizations like MLB is valued, but sometimes these people, writing from a place of honesty and integrity, can get the feathers apart.

“The compromise is, # 1, you hope you will be as honest as possible. And yes, for the most part, they really have, ”said Marchand. “But then you will have a setback like you always do.”

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