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Michael Beasley eyeing NBA return


What have you been up to since then? Michael Beasley: I’ve been staying in the gym and keeping my head down, trying to be as positive as I can be. I’ve been staying around some good people. If you watch my Instagram, I work out with John Wall, Tyreke Evans, and whoever is in town. I try to keep my mind on the goal no matter how dark it gets or unrealistic it may seem. I have dreams, and I want to be somebody remembered that, if not for anything else, somebody that fought for my dreams. These last three years, I’ve been in the gym every day working on my craft, getting stronger, sharpening my jump shot, sharpening my handles, defense one-on-one, or five-on-five. I’ve become a student of the game again and have repeated that process. -via HoopsHype / January 24, 2022


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