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Long Islanders are excited about the arrival of mobile sports betting in New York


January 08, 2022, 2:32 amUpdated 8m ago

Through: News 12 employees

“Yeah, I’m really excited to take all my money and bet it all,” said Bay Shore’s Nick Clemente. He says he recently started sports betting and is glad he doesn’t have to leave home to place a bet.

“An easy way to make money by sitting on the couch,” says Lucas Burns, also from Bay Shore.

The Change of Time Sports Bar manager Eric Lukash believes this will spell a boom for his business as well.

“I have a feeling that more groups will come out because they don’t just come into a sports bar to enjoy a game, they come with a little extra incentive,” says Lukash.

Other Long Islanders say they agree that mobile sports betting will be a huge benefit for everyone. However, some hope it doesn’t go too far by citing those who may be addicted to gambling.

Caesars Sports Book, Draft Kings, Fan Duel and Rush Streets Interactive have been approved and accept sports betting on Saturday morning at 9am


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