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LifeVac Supports New Jersey Bill


NESCONSET, NY –, Feb. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sadly, one U.S. child chokes to death approximately every five days. Choking devices are an easy way for anyone to administer lifesaving care in the crucial 3-6 minutes of a choking incident. For this reason, LifeVac supports the New Jersey Bill S73(previously S3630)  that would ensure choking devices are placed in all New Jersey schools. This is especially important for children in wheelchairs that can not benefit from the current standard procedures for choking such as the Heimlich Maneuver. LifeVac has saved 280 lives to date, has been included in five peer-reviewed studies of efficacy and safety of the ACD (airway clearance device), with two of the studies specifically addressing real-world lives saved.  In addition, LifeVac is FDA Regulated and registered with the FDA.  

“In my opinion, LifeVac has proven to be a life-saving device for those individuals that have exhausted all “standard protocol” procedures that have failed. Particularly useful for the elderly, disabled, and young children in a choking emergency,” Brannon Castleberry, Political Consultant/Governmental Affairs. “As an example of the usefulness is a caregiver struggling to lift a disabled veteran out of a wheelchair then trying to do the ‘abdominal thrusts’ can cost precious seconds when the LifeVac could be used without having to move the person choking, LifeVac should be readily accessible in every home, nursery, school, care facility, hospital, airplanes, and office just as important as a fire extinguisher for saving lives.” 

The NJ – S73 Bill Will:

  • Require public and nonpublic schools to ensure that at least one portable anti-choking device is made available in the cafeteria, school nurse’s office, and any other similar location. 

  • The devices would be placed in an unlocked and easily accessible location during the school day and at any other time when a school-sponsored event is taking place. 

  • The locations of each portable anti-choking device shall have an appropriate identifying sign. A portable anti-choking device is a device that uses manually created suction to remove blockage from a person’s airway during a choking emergency. 

  • These devices may only be used in schools provided they have been registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration. 

  • Each board of education and the governing board or chief administrator of a nonpublic school would be required to develop policies for the use of anti-choking devices by school nurses and school employees.

  • The policies would include a requirement that all school nurses and school employees receive training in airway management and in the removal of any obstructions from the airway using a portable anti-choking device. 

  • The Commissioner of Education would ensure that annual educational opportunities are made available for school nurses and employees of both public and nonpublic schools regarding airway management and the use of portable anti-choking devices. 

  • The Department of Education would reimburse public and nonpublic schools for the costs incurred to implement the provisions of this bill.

While kids are often the victims of choking related death, an even more overlooked segment of our society is disabled children and adults in wheelchairs that can not benefit from the current standard procedures for choking, such as the Heimlich Maneuver. For people in wheelchairs and their friends, family, and caregivers, the threat of a choking situation is a huge worry because it is extremely difficult to hoist someone out of a wheelchair to administer the Heimlich Maneuver as displayed in instructional materials. LifeVac can be used while the choking person is sitting in their wheelchair, no need to move them, and it is saving lives because of this.

LifeVac saves lives for people of all ages – and is small and easily transportable, even in a purse or a backpack. It is being used by First Responders, Elder Care Givers, and those caring for people with disabilities for whom standard choking protocol does not apply. LifeVac is dedicated to reducing aspiration emergencies in schools. Request a LifeVac for your school here.

LifeVac can be trusted as well. FDA registered, Clinical studies, and 3rd party testing confirm LifeVac to be highly effective and 100% safe to use during a choking emergency. LifeVac has received widespread media attention and has been published and recognized in several leading medical journals, four of which are peer-reviewed. The LifeVac Home Kit is $69.95 and comes with an adult mask, a pediatric mask, and a practice mask. LifeVac also sells aLifeVac Travel Kit, a LifeVac School Kit, and LifeVac EMS Kit, and a LifeVac Home & Travel Kit Bundle. Get yours today at

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About LifeVac:
LifeVac is a patented, FDA registered lifesaving device designed to offer the simplest, safest method of aspirating a choking child or adult. Founder and CEO Arthur Lih created the apparatus in 2011 to increase the chances of survival rates in a choking emergency and has successfully saved hundreds of  lives and counting. One LifeVac kit covers adults and children (from 22 pounds), never expires, and includes a free replacement when used in a choking emergency. The LifeVac is a non-powered, non-invasive, single-use only airway clearance device developed for resuscitating a victim with airway obstruction. The Home kit comes fully equipped with an adult mask, a pediatric mask, and a practice mask. Purchase your Home Kit ($69.95) and Travel ($69.95).


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