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KSI withdraws announcement of retirement in boxing with Jake Paul Rant


KSI recently announced his retirement from boxing after launching his own energy drink, admitting that Paul’s success in the ring “annoys” him

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Jake Paul is called by security at the NBA game

YouTube star KSI still wants to fight Jake Paul – but admits he’s struggling to find the time.

The Briton – real name JJ Olatunji – claimed he retired from boxing last week when he announced the release of a new energy drink alongside Jake’s brother Logan.

But he’s now revealed that he’d like to fight again – if he finds time in his busy schedule.

KSI and Logan tied an amateur bout in 2018, but the Briton won their rematch by split decision the following year.

He was involved in a fight with Jake and admits that he still “hates” the younger Paul brother but praised him for driving 5-0 as a professional boxer.

“I still fucking hate him, I think he’s ac ***. Obviously he’s shattered, he killed it with what he did. Fair f ****** game, it’s pretty well, “he told the Impaulsive podcast.

KSI says he’s too busy to fight Jake Paul



“The way he knocked Woodley out, stupid. People say it’s a fake, it’s not a fake. He dressed him up and it was a great shot, but to me in my heart like, ‘Oh, I like him now’.

“Everyone always says, ‘Ok, shut up, KSI, you haven’t been in the ring that long, you won’t be able to beat Jake Paul’.

“But then I go, styles fight. If you find a certain person who Jake is just terrible against and who has less experience, he’ll still beat Jake because he knows what works against him.”

Jake trolled KSI after his energy drink was released, telling the British to hit the gym again to prepare for “an ass whooping”.

The couple teased a fight when they faced each other in the ring after Paul defeated YouTuber AnEsonGib on his pro debut two years ago.

Will KSI ever fight Jake Paul? Let us know what you think in the comments below

And KSI admitted he’s too busy with his YouTube and music career to announce his return to boxing.

He continued, “I’ve told my manager and everyone around me, my entire team, that I want to fight. Everyone will always say, ‘You duck by preoccupying yourself’.

“It’s not like that. When I try to find time, when things always find a way, I find it difficult to just say, ‘I can’t do this now’.

“It annoys me to see Jake just destroy everyone and win while people keep saying, ‘Wow JJ, you P ****, look what Jake is doing’.

“That’s why it’s so annoying. People don’t think I’ll get it, time is my concern. “

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