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Junior dos Santos reassures worried fans before their boxing debut


Junior dos Santos is thrilled to step into the ring with the vicious European boxer Kubrat Pulev for his first boxing match.

Although former UFC heavyweight champion Dos Santos ended his contract with the UFC in March 2021 with a losing streak of four fights, his love of martial arts remains intact.

Photo by Chris Unger / Zuffa LLC

However, fans of Junior “Cigano” Dos Santos fear that the fighter will bite off a little more than he can chew. His very first opponent, Kubrat “Cobra” Pulev, holds a professional boxing record of 28 wins and 2 losses, was twice European heavyweight champion between 2012 and 2016 and recently destroyed mixed martial artist Frank Mir by TKO in the first round in the first trill triad -Event.

In a recent interview with ESPN, dos Santos expressed his gratitude for the concerns of fans but has a message for them:

“Well, for all of these, I have (know it is to come) some bad comments, but also some comments from people who believe in and support me. And like you said, they’ll worry about me, you see? But I appreciate that. Thanks for the comments and concern. But, you know what? This time, I took myself and my family in to think about everything and decide what to do. Man, I’m 37 years old now and I felt like I was thinking of quitting. Maybe it’s not for me anymore But that’s not my truth. “

Despite the defeats and the controversial exit from the UFC, “Cigano” is happy and doing what he loves. Now that the spark of joy is back in him, we could see an improved version of dos Santos as he stepped into the ring.

Goodbye UFC, Hello Trill Triad

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The end of February marked the beginning of the boxing career of Junior dos Santos with trills at Triad Combat II.

dos Santos wants fans to understand that his exit from the UFC was crucial. The fighter blames the “unprofessionalism” of the promotion for hindering their success within the platform, but does not allow the situation to adversely affect their goals.

“My truth is, I love this thing, and I still can. I am 37 years old, as I said. When you go to the gym and see me work out, man, I keep getting better, with some great skills every time. So the moments that I just went through in the UFC, that’s not me. This fight will now show all these people, all the people who support or those who do not support, this fight will show everyone who I really am, ”he continued in an interview with ESPN.

Just so we don’t forget that Dos Santos beat Derrick Lewis and Stipe Miocic, two famous heavyweight names, in his MMA careers. Now it will be the former heavyweight champion versus the former heavyweight champion when Dos Santos’ boxing debut begins.

Are you looking forward to Junior dos Santos’ boxing debut?


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