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Healthcare Foundation awards Easterseals NJ $99,000 grant


Funds to support the deaf/hearing impaired in Essex County

Easterseals NJ received a $99,000 grant from the Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey to improve access to mental health and healthcare services for the deaf and hard of hearing in Essex County. Funds will be directed to identifying and engaging underserved residents who need navigational assistance during health visits. The project goal is to enrich the lives of the deaf and hard of hearing with services that include ASL fluent counseling and case management staff.

“The deaf and hard of hearing community is too often overlooked. This significant donation shows they are not forgotten and gives us the opportunity to serve them,” said Brian Fitzgerald, CEO and President of Easterseals NJ. “We look forward to continuing to support and improve their lives in as many ways as possible and are grateful to the Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey for making this possible.”

The funds were given to Easterseals NJ but are being run by Centerpath Wellness, an affiliated consulting service. The grant’s goals include providing mental health services to people who are deaf and hard of hearing to reduce symptoms and improve functioning. If you would like more information about these services, please contact Arline Moreno at 908-756-6870 ext. 600

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