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Governor Phil Murphy addresses New Jersey state and promises no tax hike – CBS New York


TRENTON, NJ (CBSNewYork) – In his speech on the state of New Jersey, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy restored a public health emergency related to the Omicron variant with immediate effect.

It comes as the state reported more than 21,000 new cases on Tuesday. More than 6,000 people are being hospitalized with COVID-19 and the state reported 142 new deaths, CBS2’s Meg Baker reported.

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For the second year in a row, Murphy practically gave up his state of the state because of the pandemic.

“In consultation with my legislative partners, I have taken the necessary step to re-declare a public health emergency to ensure we are moving based on facts and science,” said Murphy.

Murphy says his statement does not imply bans, business restrictions, or convention restrictions.

The governor noted that 90% of eligible people received at least one dose of the vaccine and, “We have more accessible and affordable health and childcare, stronger public schools and more affordable higher education.”

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Republican leader Senator Steve Oroho said the legislature should have been involved in making mandate decisions.

“Now, in our sophomore year, we’re talking about the executive ordinances where a person, an individual, basically has a mandate or rules by dictation, and we’re a co-branch of government,” Oroho said.

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The New Jerseyans also had some thoughts on the current state of affairs.

“I think Governor Murphy is doing a fabulous job right now with what he’s doing with children and schools, and I think there should be a mask mandate in schools,” said Fanwood’s Danielle Pace.

High taxes are the main complaint Baker has heard from most of the state’s residents.

“New Jersey voters made it very clear in a very close race that they are tired of higher taxes and that New Jersey needs to get back to normal so people can afford to live here, and they are fed up with mandates. “Said the political expert Jeanette Hoffman.

“It could be more affordable, but look at other states where you don’t have that many taxes and their services aren’t up to date,” said Bruce Dykes of North Plainfield.

“I promise you now that the state budget I’m proposing in a few weeks’ time won’t raise taxes,” Murphy said.

The governor announced progress in the fight against gun violence, the protection of the right to freedom of reproduction, climate change and maternal health. He said that there are many jobs waiting for him in the cannabis industry and that the state’s real estate market is strong.

Murphy said he would advance the state through opportunity, affordability and fairness.

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Meg Baker of CBS2 contributed to this report.


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