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Get a hint: In New Jersey’s Escape Garden State


Whether you relax in a cozy winter hut or stretch out with a view of the water, Short breaks from New Jersey are helping residents really relax. But have you ever wished for a different kind of escape? At the Escape Garden State In Fairfield, locals can exercise their minds and bodies. With four Jersey-themed escape rooms, this attraction combines history and mystery for a thrilling group experience.

What is an escape room?

There are dozen of escape room events across New Jersey. But what exactly are they? Escape rooms are interactive group activities that focus on achieving a specific goal within a specific time frame. In general, the goal is to finish or escape a locked room by solving puzzles and completing tasks.

Clues and puzzles are solved in a specific order, creating structure and clear direction. Whether it’s escaping prison or preventing a massive explosion, these games are designed to immerse participants in a world of mystery, thrills, and teamwork.

The rooms at Escape Garden State

Promenade explosion

During these cold winter months, it’s easy to miss the sunny New Jersey summer vacation Boardwalks. Thankfully, the Boardwalk Blast room at Escape Garden State is bringing this destination out of hibernation. Armed with arcade games and puzzles, there is plenty of interaction and competition for groups to participate in – but it comes with a twist.

When summer comes to an end in the playroom, the authorities order an eviction. An “explosion” is supposed to start somewhere on the promenade. Groups have an hour to investigate the arcade and neutralize the threat before it’s too late. With a success rate of 60 percent, this escape room captures unique thrills, action-packed games, and numerous clues to help solve the puzzle.

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One of the most influential New Jersey historical figures is the famous Thomas Edison. And during his invention Since the lightbulb was his enduring legacy, Power Surge suggests that his greatest experiment be kept secret. As you enter his study, a mysterious assistant contacts your group. With an hour on the clock, your task is to discover its missing work – so that it doesn’t disappear forever.

Power Surge has an escape rate of 45 percent. Given the difficulty and the historical context, my friends and I decided to give this escape room a try. We started in the study – an elaborately decorated room with bookshelves, sofas, desks and numerous puzzles. The hints were tricky, but followed clear patterns and gave us lots of “A-ha!” Moments. To our surprise, the game consisted of three separate rooms, which were gradually revealed by solving the puzzles. The clues required collaboration and teamwork, from solving word puzzles to shouting codes across the room.

In less than two minutes, our group narrowly escaped (although the number of pointers we needed would have disappointed Thomas Edison). Overall, it was an exciting and challenging atmosphere.

Escape Garden State

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Devil’s cave

New Jersey culture is full of urban legends like that Sussex sea snake and

Captain Kidds lost treasure. However, one of the most notable folklore is the history of the Jersey devil. Believe in the story or not, Escape Garden State brings all fears and rumors to life through the Devil’s Den room.

Legend has it that Mother Leeds gave birth to her 13th child in a hut in the middle of Pine Barrens. The child grew wings and escaped the house dubbed the Jersey Devil for its looks and nature. As the Game Master explains, a member of the Leeds family is said to have returned to the hut to drive the devil away once and for all. However, you are suddenly missing. Your group’s job is to find the family member and uncover the truth before the trail gets cold. Divided into two separate rooms at the beginning, this escape room becomes more and more difficult – with a success rate of 35 percent.

Mafia blackout

At its core, the Garden State has a lot to offer its residents. But what about behind the scenes? Immerse yourself in the world of the undercover crime bosses in the mafia blackout room while your group is members of the notorious. will New Jersey Mob. Rumor has it that one of your employees is working with the authorities to bring the group down. To make matters worse, he revealed your identity – and your location.

Groups have one hour to leave the country. Fortunately, a friend named Richie stays loyal and plans to help you escape, but only if you find him! With a success rate of just 25 percent, this room makes escaping New Jersey exciting and challenging at the same time.

Escape Rooms in New Jersey

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Whether you want to test your skills or just enjoy a fun indoor activity with friends, Escape Garden State, New Jersey has something for everyone.

Have you tried escape rooms in New Jersey? Tell us about your experiences in the comments!

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