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Court Square Theater is back with live production of Alice in Wonderland | Breeze TV


“Off with your head” and on with the show.

After two years, the Court Square Theater is finally back with a live production of Alice in Wonderland.

“It’s pretty powerful to say, ‘Wow, we didn’t have a theater in this room,’ and now it’s finally being live theater, a very emotional moment for a lot of people on this show, me included,” said JP Gulla , the executive director of the Court Square Theater. “Someone like me who’s a producer and director is a heartbeat to me and I’ve had a small loss in the past few years and now it’s back.”

After such a long absence, this production has brought members of the community together and met the needs of passionate people.

“I started acting in plays and musicals early in middle school. That wasn’t an option for me in elementary school. Otherwise I would have been there back then, but as soon as I started, I really got into it because I really love the theater, ”said Claire Parsley, who plays Queen of Hearts in the production. “I’ve never been part of Community Production Theater so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from the whole process. I think we have a really good cast on our hands. It’s really interesting to meet people in community theater and I just think we have a really great and diverse cast. “

With new faces in the court theater, you can still see some familiar faces who put their hearts and souls into this production.

“I’m a little jack of all trades. So, I’m the treasurer on the board of Valley Playhouse and then to help with that show I was helping with props and then running the lights and soundboard for the first week, ”said Gail Arthur, the treasurer for Valley Playhouse. “It’s interesting that in the middle of the pandemic it provokes a little more fear, I think, because you want to stay safe. You wonder who is coming and watching it because there may be restrictions on the audience that we have never seen before, but it’s all so exciting. It’s time.”


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