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CONSERVATION CORNER: Ernest Manchester Scholarship : A natural resource for environmental students | Local/Regional


Someone once said, “A conservationist is a person who recognizes that our land is not inherited from our parents but borrowed from our grandchildren.” In order to ‘borrow’ what will one day belong to our grandchildren, we must be good stewards of the natural resources we have today, so that those resources like clean water, healthy forests, productive soils and agriculture, and thriving wildlife populations will continue to exist for future generations to enjoy.

Essentially then, it is the skill associated with learning to use natural resources wisely that lies at the heart of what it means to be a conservationist. This land stewardship mindset is something we try to emphasize and promote here at the conservation district. To promote the many benefits of what it means to be a conservationist, we need people that give us examples to follow and accomplishments to aspire to.

We need more people like Ernest ‘Ernie’ Manchester. Unfortunately, I never had the privilege of knowing Mr. Manchester since he passed away long before I started working at the conservation district in 2010, but the impact he had on Bradford County and the way he led by example has been an inspiration to me, and for many others. In fact, Mr. Manchester’s conservation leadership was so effective and successful, shortly after his passing, in 1994 the Manchester family was gracious enough to help the Conservation District start up a college scholarship fund in his honor. Ever since, the Ernest Manchester Conservation Scholarship award has been administered by the conservation district to competitive County resident applicants pursuing degrees in environmental science, agriculture, wildlife biology, veterinary science, soil science, forestry, water management and environmental education among other natural resource focused career paths. Through this fund, we look forward to continuing to pass on Mr. Manchester’s conservation legacy for many years to come.

Eligible applicants must be in their junior or senior year if pursuing a four-year degree, or in their 2nd year of studies if pursuing an associate degree. This year’s Manchester Scholarship application deadline is set for September 30th 2022. Please see our website at for more information.

The Bradford County Conservation District is committed to helping people manage resources wisely. You can visit the Bradford County Conservation District at 200 Lake Rd in Wysox across from the Wysox Fire Hall. Contact us at (570) 485-3144 or visit our web page at


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