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Already thinking of summer rentals at the Jersey Shore? Here’s what you need to know.


Feb 24, 2022, 5:18pmUpdated 9h ago

By: News 12 Staff

The warm weather
this week left a lot of New Jersey residents thinking of summer, and many may be looking to spend a week or weekend at
the Jersey Shore — but is it too late to book a getaway?

“With COVID, a lot of people don’t want to fly,” says property owner Glenn Goldberg. “You may have had a lot of people who wanted to go
to California for a week or two. Now they’re more inclined to get
into their car and drive.”

A banner shore
season will be here before you know it, and Long Beach Island remains a top
destination for a week near the waves.

“As the gas prices rise, people are going to be
looking to vacation locally,” says
Duane Watlington, with Vacation Rentals. “Jersey Shore’s within a couple-hour drive for most people
so it’s an affordable option.”

Watlington runs the online listing site Vacation Rentals and says less than 10%
of homes are currently available for the busiest weeks of summer. 

“If you haven’t found your rental yet, you better
do it soon,” says Watlington.

Property owners say the best time to book is a year in advance.

“Right at the conclusion of the prior summer if
you’re looking for summer 2022,” says
property owner Carmine Timminari. “The time to have done that was right after summer 2021.”

If you’re still looking for a rental, plenty of homes are available in the shoulder
seasons, such as late May, early June and September and October.


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