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A woman from Sewell, New Jersey uses the Facebook group to improve the lives of others


SEWELL, New Jersey (WPVI) – A South Jersey woman uses social media to bring thousands of people together to improve their health and lives.

Little did Peg Bradford of Sewell know that her husband had nominated her for Philly Proud for her work in the ward.

“I’m sure he’s proud of me and stuff. He’s heard me say so many times that I just want to reach out to people and let them know there’s a place they can go,” she said.

Bradford reaches out to people who use Facebook and founded a group called “Steps to Good Health”.

“I started the group in 2011 when I was starting menopause. And by that time I had lost 75 pounds on my own, which I didn’t call a diet, I called it a lifestyle change. And with the help of word of mouth and some of the media, we are grown to 20,000 people, “she said.

Over the years the group has blossomed into a self-improvement network. Members of the group contribute tips, recipes, workouts, humor, and words of encouragement.

“It’s all about how someone’s day goes. People share how many steps they have taken, we do a step challenge every month,” said Bradford.

She says she had a full circle when the group ended up helping her. Her brother tragically died after suffering a serious heart attack and as Bradford processed her emotions, she took back the weight she had originally lost.

“I started last Tuesday and I’ve already lost five pounds since last Tuesday,” said Bradford.

Their motto is “day by day, step by step, meal after meal”.

“I don’t want anyone to feel alone. I want them to know that there is a place to go and that we will be there,” said Bradford.

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