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3 mistakes the Sixers must avoid to win an NBA championship


The Philadelphia 76ers are one of the more interesting teams in all of basketball as they currently have one player on a huge contract who just didn’t play.

They’ve been disappointing in the last few playoffs and that doesn’t look like that’s going to change because they just don’t have enough to compete with the other top Eastern Conference teams like the Milwaukee Bucks, Brooklyn Nets and at that point the Chicago Bulls. The front office did a terrible job dealing with Ben Simmons as they are just waiting for something that will never happen because he’s not as good as the front office thinks of him.

If Philadelphia is looking to make an NBA championship, and possibly win one, they must avoid some major obstacles along the way. Let’s take a look at three areas the Sixers must avoid in order to win an NBA championship.

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Sixers must avoid 2022

3. You have to stop waiting to trade Ben Simmons

It’s unclear exactly what Philadelphia is waiting for, but it clearly won’t be resolved as they still haven’t moved this guy many months after their decision to trade him.

Philadelphia needs to realize that Simmons is not good enough to win back a top 25 talent and if they wait, they will only harm themselves. If they wait until the NBA trading deadline, they have no leverage as every other team knows they want to move it right now and can get it at a cheaper price.

That doesn’t mean he’s a bad player, but he’s not and never was for Philadelphia’s needs. Waiting to trade it is just awful from a front office perspective because you are waiting for a trade that is unrealistic and will never take place.

This was a huge mistake by the Sixers and the longer they wait the bigger this mistake will be. It is unfair to the players on the team right now that they have to forego a player on maximum contract when there are many other options to trade with. Joel Embiid cannot be happy about this situation. If Philadelphia doesn’t move sooner rather than later, they’ll be disappointing again in the playoffs

2. If Philly doesn’t win again, it’s time to change the scene

If Philadelphia doesn’t win this season they will have to think about getting rid of Tobias Harris and a couple of other pieces. Harris really isn’t that good for the type of contract he has, and he’s the third option on a championship team at best. That’s fine if Philadelphia can get one more start alongside Embiid, but with their current roster, he’s not the answer to be paired alongside Joel.

They have some young pieces to keep and that would be a wise decision by this team because they clearly have talent with these younger guys.

It would make sense for Philadelphia to decide to postpone one of them, at least because they can likely get a decent return back and they could be paired with Simmons to get back the star player they want.

1. Can’t choke in the playoffs again

There’s not much more to say about the Sixers other than that they’ve choked off the playoffs for the past few seasons. Whether or not people put all the blame on Ben Simmons last season, Philadelphia has suffocated.

If Ben Simmons hadn’t played as badly as they did in the last Sixers playoffs, the outcome might have been different, but many fans also seem to forget that Joel Embiid and Tobias Harris were terrible in the fourth quarter of those playoffs too. With Simmons’ poor performance, Embiid and Harris couldn’t be blamed for much, but they were both terrible in the fourth quarter of playoff games last season.

Philadelphia has to change that narrative this season and find a way to at least win the Eastern Conference because when you have a guy like Joel Embiid you should surely be a team fighting for a title every season, and Philadelphia doesn’t have that made . Last year they had the easiest route to a conference final they could have imagined but lost to an Atlanta Hawks team playing over their heads.


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