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2022 NFL Draft Order: Eagles hold 15th, 16th, and 19th overall picks


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The wild card round of the playoffs is in the books, and that means we now have six more spots in the draft order for the 2022 NFL Draft.

The Eagles lost to the Buccaneers on Sunday, leaving them their 19th overall win of the spring. That will be the lowest of the three first-round picks they own in this year’s draft.

A draft-day deal last year earned them the first-round pick from the Dolphins, who finished 15th this season after their 9-8 finish. They also picked up the 16th overall as compensation for sending quarterback Carson Wentz to Jacksonville during the offseason.

The Eagles won’t necessarily stay there when the first round begins April 28 in Las Vegas as they could go up or down the draft board with those assets in the bag.

Here’s the overall order of the first round with eight teams alive in the race for Super Bowl LVI:

1. Jaguars (3-14)

2. Lions (3-13-1)

3. Texans (4-13)

4. Nozzles (4-13)

5. Giants (4-13)

6. Panthers (5-12)

7. Giants (about 6-11 bears)

8. Hawks (7-10)

9. Wild Horses (7-10)

10. Jets (over 7-10 Seahawks)

11th Washington Football Team (7-10)

12. Vikings (8-9)

13. Brown (8-9)

14. Ravens (8-9)

15. Eagles (about 9-8 dolphins)

16. Eagles (over 9-8 Colts)

17. Chargers (9-8)

18 Saints (9-8)

19, Eagles (9-8, wildcard losers)

20. Steelers (9-7-1, wildcard losers)

21. Patriots (10-7, wildcard losers)

22. Raiders (10-7, wildcard losers)

23. Cardinals (11-6, wildcard losers)

24. Cowboys (12-5, wildcard losers)


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