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10 Netflix Movies With Oscar Potential For The 94th Academy Awards


It’s time to celebrate the best films of 2021 because awards season has already begun. The most prestigious of them is the Academy Awards, which will be broadcast on March 27th. The race is sure to be hot this year as Netflix has a wide range of 2021 movies to choose from.

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With the nominations scheduled to be announced on February 8th, there are high expectations that Netflix will reign supreme with numerous recognitions for the most prestigious awards. Netflix has been one of the most competitive streaming services and in 2021 it produced an incredible and wide range of Oscar-worthy films with Tick, Tick…Boom! and power of the dog on the front lines.

The Mitchells vs. The Machines

Mitchell vs. Machines family

The Mitchells vs. the Machines follows a family as they take one last road trip before Katie Mitchell goes to college. Little did they expect to become the world’s last hope after a robot apocalypse.

This animated film received near-universal acclaim for its high-energy, family-friendly story and became one of the top-rated Netflix films of 2021. Even with Netflix’s massive animation collection in 2021, The Mitchells vs. the Machines is a clear pick for the Best Animated Feature category. However, Netflix faces immense competition as they go up against Disney rivals like Encanto and Luca.


Passing scene with Ruth Negga and Tessa Thompon

In Passing, a Black woman reunites with an old childhood friend who “passes” as White. Their renewed friendship leads them both to express their insecurities and question their identities.

Rebecca Hall’s Passing is one of Netflix’s most underrated movies of 2021 heading into awards season. It’s one of the top rated black and white movies of 2021, focusing on themes of race and identity with style and delicacy. The film will have the greatest Oscar potential given the cast’s outstanding performance in the acting category. Ruth Negga, in particular, received incredible acclaim for her impeccable performance as Claire, which could be enough to garner a Best Supporting Actress nomination. However, she meets West Side Story’s Ariana DeBose, the favorite for the award.


Netflix’s procession follows a group of six men who survived sexual abuse at the hands of Catholic priests. In this documentary, they share their stories in the hope of justice.

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Netflix is ​​known for powerful and emotional documentaries, so Procession is no exception. This documentary focuses on an emotional issue in which victims share their trauma in search of peace. According to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Procession is shortlisted for best documentary, so its Oscar potential is high.

The hand of God

Paolo Sorrentino is back with his latest film, The Hand of God. The Italian film follows a strange boy obsessed with football and his favorite player, Diego Maradona. However, a tragedy in his family changes his perspective on life.

Italy selected The Hand of God as the country’s entry for Best International Feature Film. Of course, the Netflix film has great potential for a nomination after being shortlisted for the category. While the film’s chances of being nominated are high, it also contrasts with Japan’s Drive My Car, which has received universal acclaim and is the popular choice as the top contender for the award.


Amaree McKenstry Hall at Audible

Netflix Audible follows a football player, Amaree McKenstry-Hall, who attends the Maryland School for the Deaf. The young player is hoping to defend his winning streak while also dealing with the loss of a friend.

Audible and Camp Confidential: America’s Secret Nazis are the two shortlisted short films from Netflix. Of the two, it seems Audible will likely get the nomination due to its emotional and complex storyline, which delicately explores themes like suicide and bullying.


Netflix Robin Robin

Robin Robin follows Robin, a bird adopted by a mouse family. In view of her visible differences from her family, she dares to prove that she is a good mouse.

This stop-motion film is another Netflix film shortlisted for Best Animated Short. Although the film’s premise is a familiar story, it’s a heartwarming and funny film that demonstrates the importance of family.

The Lost Daughter

In The Lost Daughter, a college professor vacations in Italy. However, her encounter with a young mother and her daughter makes her reflect on her troubling past.

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Maggie Gyllenhaal is another exceptional actress whose directorial debut is likely to be an Oscar nomination. However, like Hall’s Passing, Gyllenhaal’s character-driven drama will see Oscar potential primarily in the acting category. The driving force behind The Lost Daughter is the spectacular and powerful performance of Oscar-winning actress Olivia Colman. Though Colman is likely to snag a Best Actress spot, it’s one of the toughest categories since facing House of Gucci’s Lady Gaga and Being the Ricardo’s Nicole Kidman.

Don’t look up

Leo DiCaprio was responsible for Don't Look Up's devastating final line

Don’t Look Up follows a professor and a Ph.D. Candidate who discovers that a comet will hit Earth in six months. If the government doesn’t act, it will take matters into its own hands to warn the public.

Although Adam McKay’s comedy Doomsday received mixed reviews, the reception didn’t stop the film from seriously contemplating an Oscar. In particular, the film did well with general audiences who find the premise relevant to the present day. Even the cast’s performances were hilarious. “Don’t Look Up” has potential in some of the most prestigious categories such as Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay and Best Original Song. The next question would be if they can win on Oscar night.

Tick, tick… boom!

Andrew Garfield would definitely do another musical

In tick, tick… Boom! Jonathan Larson reflects on his life choices as he turns 30. Unfortunately, the pressure is starting to affect his relationships with people close to him.

Lin Manuel Miranda’s biographical musical won hearts with an emotional and extraordinary tribute to Jonathan Larson. Andrew Garfield exudes the spirit and energy of Larson, which is not only his finest career but also makes him one of the strongest frontrunners in the Best Actor category. Additionally, the dynamic and incredible storytelling and musical might be enough to garner a Best Picture nomination. In that case, Netflix could nominate up to three films for the Best Picture category in a single year.

The power of the dog

Benedict Cumberbatch stands in a field in Ascene from the upcoming The Power of the Dog

Jane Campion’s The Power of the Dog follows a cruel rancher, Phil Burbank, who brutally mocks his brother’s new wife and their son. Despite his initial mistreatment, he soon takes the boy under his wing to learn about rancher life, especially given Phil’s secret.

Champion’s western drama is not only the strongest contender on Netflix, but also a frontrunner as one of the best films for the upcoming Oscars. “The Power of the Dog” is one of the most compelling dramas to date, with impressive performances from the cast and exceptional filmmakers. This Western may come away with one of the highest Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay. The film is also a shoo-in for multiple awards including Kodi Smit-McPhee for Best Supporting Actor and Best Director Champion. Benedict Cumberbatch will also compete in the tough Best Actor category. So it’s obvious that The Power of the Dog is one of Netflix’s best films with incredible Oscar potential, and any possible Best Picture win would go to the streaming services first.

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