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10 Horror Movies To Watch If You Love The Walking Dead


AMC’s The Walking Dead managed to reanimate the zombie genre when it first aired in 2010. Since then, Rick Grimes’ story has offered intense action and terror to its fans. Even though dramatic personal conflicts and action-heavy battles have defined some of The Walking Dead’s finest hours, the series has never lost sight of its horror roots.

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Zombies roaming the world looking for flesh is about as nightmarish as it gets, though some walker fans are still hungry for more horror. For fans who love the scares that The Walking Dead often produces, then there are plenty of Hollywood horror hits sure to satisfy.

10 The Mist Is A Fright Fest From The Walking Dead Series Creator Frank Darabont

The Mist 2007

The credits for The Mist read like a dream picture for fans of The Walking Dead. The Mist, adapted from Stephen King’s work, is written and directed by Frank Darabont. The sci-fi horror also stars The Walking Dead’s Melissa McBride, Laurie Holden, Jeffrey DeMunn, and Juan Gabriel Pareja.

Inspired by the likes of Night Of The Living Dead, The Mist follows a group of people held up inside a supermarket as horrifying creatures storm the outside world. The Mist is intense, frightening, and features one of the most shocking endings in all of cinema.

9 John Carpenter’s The Thing Is One Of The All-Time Great Dread Inducers

John Carpenter’s classic horror, The Thing, is a motion picture with the exceptional ability to fill its viewers with dread. The Thing features an alien that assumes the appearance of the beings that it kills. As a result, much of the runtime leaves The Thing’s terrified characters attempting to figure out if the unstoppable creature walks among them.

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The Thing’s blood test scene brings all the intensity and deceit of a survivor hiding a zombie bite. The thing is simply a must-watch for any horror movie fanatic that enjoys uncertainty as much as action

8th Near Dark Is Vicious Fun Featuring A Outrageously Good Bill Paxton

Nea rDark

Kathryn Bigelow’s neo-Western horror Near Dark sadly performed poorly at the box office upon release. In recent years, the vampire flick has gained a massive cult following. Near Dark features many recognizable faces for horror and sci-fi fans. The most unforgettable aspect of 1987’s Near Dark is the show-stealing performance from Bill Paxton.

Near Dark is a visual treat packed with plenty of scares and some inspired callbacks to classic cowboy films. Near Dark is sure to go down a treat with any fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

7 Assault On Precinct 13 Is Another Carpenter Classic

assault on precinct 13 john carpenter

Another classic from the legendary John Carpenter, Assault On Precinct 13 tells the tale of a soon-to-be-shut-down police station and its inhabitants. The precinct comes under attack by a gang of vicious and relentless criminals. Assault On Precinct 13 may not be a pure horror movie, but it certainly contains all the genre’s finest elements.

The gripping tension of the early build renders Assault On Precinct 13’s action sequences utterly engrossing. As is the case with many of Carpenter’s hits, the central characters shine as they are ordinary people in extraordinary situations. The Walking Dead plunges its survivors into a terrifying world, but Assault’s world is more frightful as it’s far closer to reality.

6 The Boy Puts The Scares On The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan

the boy lauren cohan

Lauren Cohan is a favorite amongst fans of The Walking Dead. While the British-American actor has yet to truly cement himself in Hollywood, Cohan does have one sensational big-screen film to his name. The Boy is directed by reliable horror movie maker, William Brent Bell. The boy focuses on the classic formula of a creepy doll coming to life.

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The Boy doesn’t break down any doors of the horror genre, but it’s a vastly underrated film. For fans who enjoyed watching a terrified Maggie, The Boy is a must-watch.

5 Train To Busan Is The Ultimate Zombie Thrill Ride

While The Walking Dead is the king of crawling corpses on the small screen, Train To Busan is hailed by many undead aficionados as the greatest big-screen zombie adventure. The Korean received horror waves of praise across the world upon its release in 2016.

Breathtaking action, wince-inducing gore, and distressing death sequences all play their usual parts. Where Train To Busan really shines is in its endearing characters. Train To Busan tugs on the heartstrings far harder than most horror fans would expect.

4 Negan Is No Match For Demons In The Possession

jeffrey dean morgan in the possession

Jeffrey Dean Morgan in a leading role is enough to get any fans of The Walking Dead on board with The Possession. Taking its cues from The Exorcist, The Possession puts The Walking Dead’s Negan up against something more frightening than zombies – a malicious spirit.

The Possession didn’t do much to move the subgenre forward but is a solid entry into a vast catalog of forgettable flicks. The Possession’s production was also subjected to some alleged real-life haunts, adding to its intrigue and standing amongst fans.

3 Aliens Is One Of Cinema’s Greatest Action Horrors From The Legendary James Cameron

A legendary film from a legendary movie man, James Cameron’s Aliens is the ultimate blend of hair-raising horror, spellbinding science-fiction, and intense action. Ridley Scott’s first installation in the iconic Alien franchise is the far scarier picture, but fans of The Walking Dead will welcome Aliens’ upgraded action set pieces.

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With commanding performances from Sigourney Weaver, Michael Biehn, and Bill Paxton, Aliens defied even the most optimistic expectations that Alien had set before it. There are very few movie sequels better than James Cameron’s wonderfully wild Aliens.

2 A Quiet Place Will Likely Leave Fans Speechless

John Krasinski in A Quiet Place

John Krasinki’s post-apocalyptic horror made some serious noise upon release in 2018. A Quiet Place ended up as one of 2018’s biggest hits, earning multiple award wins and nominations, including an Academy Award for Best Sound Editing.

A Quiet Place is set after the end of society, which will interest fans of The Walking Dead, and is a frighteningly good watch. A Quiet Place will leave fans stunned silent, much like the unfortunate characters that inhabit its unforgiving, creature-riddled world.

1 The Descent Is An Intense, Claustrophobic Classic

the descent myanna buring

For The Walking Dead fans that got a particular kick out of season 11’s On The Inside, Neil Marshall’s The Descent is an excellent choice for more of the same heart-pounding horror. This slice of British brilliance premiered at 2006’s Sundance Film Festival. The Descent went on to become a huge hit with horror fans.

The plot follows a group of women on a cave diving excursion as they uncover far more than intricate pathways. If fans thought the houseguests that were hunting Connie in The Walking Dead were scary, The Descent’s cave-dwelling terrors will have fans quaking in their boots.

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